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Magnetic basketball bottle opener
style :
Classic basketball
Classic magnetic bottle
Golden Deer
Basketball Style
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Shooting bottle opener

No need to install, open bottle with one hand, interesting personality.

Easy and effortless, simple and convenient.

The whole piece is flexible, mirror magnet, strong suction force, does not hurt the refrigerator.

Life needs a sense of style, enjoy the fun of shooting.

Nylon net pocket, sturdy and durable, can store bottle caps.

Bottle opening method


Product style:Classic magnetic bottle opener, Golden Deer, Classic Basketball, Basketball Style
Product Weight:
 Classic Magnetic Open Bottle: 0.37 lbs
 Golden Deer Style: 0.94 lbs
 Classic Basketball Style: 0.91 lbs
 Basketball Style: 0.94 lbs
Product material: solid black walnut + metal
Scope of application: restaurant, home, bar, courtyard, outdoor



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